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Healthcare and Taxes

You must be aware of the fact that healthcare has links with taxes we can provide you with the complete information tax, income tax, federal allowances, taxes in Florida, deductions, and credits. But some important details about health care and taxes need to be discussed first.The income that is filed by you has a link with the market place health insurance as the government tax system provides tax credits based on income and facilitates those citizens who cannot afford health insurance. Minimum essential coverageThe Affordable Care Act mandates that everyone must share in the responsibility for health insuranceHealth insurance through the healthcare MarketplaceA government-sponsored program such as Medicare or MedicaidCoverage under a plan that is approved by the Department of Health and Human Services


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Premium tax creditYou may be eligible to receive a premium tax credit if you obtain your health insurance from the Marketplace. This credit is to assist with monthly premium payments and is determined by the information on your tax return. To be eligible you must:Buy your health insurance through the MarketplaceNot be claimed as a dependent by another personNot have filed as married filing separately, except under certain circumstances