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Tax is a complicated area, but we are facilitating taxpayers. Our free tool will help you to get an estimated amount that you either owe or that you can refund from Inland revenue service. As you might have an idea that deductions and credits are available to every individual, but it varies from person to person. You can unearth your estimated tax by answering some simple questions.Questions are all about your income and the expenses. Please put them in estimator and let it function for you. The amount provided would be an estimation that you have to pay to or receive from the IRS.Income tax, property tax, capital gains tax are not easy to deal with, yet having an estimation on time can help you plan for the whole tax year. You can get an estimate with our tax calculator and prepare your tax year with our tips and services.


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Answer a few simple questionsInformation is required from you and about you. The information that you would provide us would be used to facilitate the plan and relieve your tax by claiming all possible credits and deductions. The information would help us to know your filing status and taxable income, and then we will discuss and plan your next tax or current tax year.Tell us about income & expensesEvery single American need to answer two questions to the IRS as a liability. What have you earned? What have you spent? But we facilitate you by asking these questions. Since we are professionals, we will look for tax credits that could relive your tax burden withheld by your employer.See your 2020 tax refund estimateTax functions with income and expenditure and balances the amount to either payable or receivable. To make it simple for you if you have paid more tax then you would receive a refund whereas you might have to pay more tax if you have paid less. Plan your tax year 2020 with us but first, get a free estimation of tax refund from our calculator.